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Who we are

Claudio Sarti

Claudio Sarti
His passion starts at the young age of 17,when he fell in love with the music’s world as a whole and totally into the Dj role.                                                                           

After  working his way up the ladder at private parties playing his music for famous brands in the fashion world like Patrizia Pepe, Twin Set and many more, the natural passage for him was getting into the club where Claudio remains very present in the best Florentine clubs and around Tuscany. Currently resident in the best Lounge Bars and Clubs in Tuscany Dj Klau is very demanded  for any kind of event!

Alessandro Astolfi

Alessandro Astolfi
Alessandro starts working at 18 as dj in local businesses around Florence and Siena and  then he abandoned the console to fully dedicate himself to organise events, public and private ones.

The experience gained in the past years  reinforced his talent to discover exclusive locations for weddings and private parties, also his expertise to organise always  guarantees  the best choice of audio equipment and personalised lights for every single event .His quality as entertainer matches perfectly Dj Klau’s music  and together they guarantee the outcome of every event.

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